Orange Morning is an original music project based in Northern California.  We’ve produced something like 14 CDs of original music and play live around Northern Cal from time to time.  Our sound stems from a wide-ranging  fusion of rock, funk, jazz, surf, folk,  americana and more.   Some influences/inspirations:  Bill Nelson, Harvey Mandel, Eric Johnson, Knopfler, Gilmour, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Eno, Jack O’Brien, Tom Ayres, Zappa, the Ventures, Bonzo Dog, Pine Top, Stockhausen, Franz Liszt.

NEW ALBUM IN THE WORKS:   It’s top secret , but rest assured we are hard at work on new music and are hoping for an early 2018 release!

SOUNDTRAX:  On March 9, 2017 OM released its new 4-CD Box set CD “SOUNDTRAX”:

  • Box Set with 4 full-length CDs
  • The best of Orange Morning’s instrumentals plus several vocal tracks
  • 3 new tracks, 56 tracks total
  • All re-mastered.
  • Nearly 4 ½ hours of music

QUOTE:  “The Beatles. Be Bop Deluxe. Benjamin Britten. Moments of transcendant collaborative brilliance. I always dreamed of being part of something like that: a creative musical collaborative, where the whole was more than the sum of its parts. Alas, the moments passed, life went on, and my Feb Three never showed up. What to do? Learned to play the instruments myself and find my own muse. The first few CDs were released under my own name, somewhat reluctantly. Then it occurred to me that if the perfect band hadn’t shown up (with the exception of the ephemeral Sweet Spots) — I could just invent one. Thus, “Orange Morning”.   To my amazement, lots of talented collaborators did show up: Dano, Zack, Dan, Hudson, Eric, Pat, Jason, Norman, David, Marty, Ken, Philip, Sasha, Sandi, Cooper, Zena, Noah–and more. I couldn’t have done it without them; the results were better than I ever expected. These 56 mostly-instrumental tracks (all re-mastered) span my musical career, from the early days as a college music major, to three brand new tracks for 2017. If you take the time to listen, I hope that you’ll be inspired, uplifted, even healed – if only in some small way — by the mysterious power and numinous depth of sweet, sweet music.”

Michael Doughton, March 2017

“A SMALL GOLDEN KEY”, OM’s 7th full-lengh CD, was released in July 2016 with 13 new tracks.  OM’s most soulful CD yet, with hints of Lou Reed, Zappa and James Brown.

“ARTIFACT”, OM’s 6th full-length CD, was released in July 2015.  It’s different from anything we’ve done before, a multi-media audio-visual work inspired by the the 1,000 page Exegesis of sci-fi visionary Philip K. Dick. The video features hypnotically stunning cool imagery by the Global Peace Foundation (globalpeace999@aol.com).

Click the “LISTEN” tab at the top of this page to hear samples of these and other OM CDs, including “ZUKUNFTSMUSIK”, “LIVE IN BERKELEY AT THE STARRY PLOUGH”, “ALL DAY SUCKER”, “SAVE THE DOMES” and “ORANGE MORNING“.

You can also check out Mike’s SOLO CDs as well as the utterly awesome collaborative CD that resulted from his stint with THE SWEET SPOTS.

The buzz:
Artifact:  “I love this. Such rich influences and excellent playing and sound. I love [Small] Golden Key as well. Delicious. Your music has so much packed in, from jam to jazz. I hope to see you live some time.”  Kim, Napa, California
“Orange Morning’s music is infectiously upbeat and guaranteed to please; they were the talk of my party.”  Aron L., Sacramento, CA
“Wickedly fun.”  Chris A., Davis, CA
“Dood your music is f*cking awesome!!”  Alex K., Isla Vista, CA.
So many styles and still unity, great composition, harmonies, many instruments and ways of hearing them, really good mixing — surf-rock, math-rock, funk, Latin, stadium-rock, ballad, doo-wop, Talking Heads! are some of the things I heard.  Awesome.”  Carley, Ashland, Oregon
The guitar of Bruderlied is really a masterpiece.  I really enjoyed it again and again in an appropriate volume :-). Did also listen to the other ones. ‘Dilly Dally Sally’ is also great. Dance of the Retrobots is also cool–one hears those robot samples only with the second listening  .I am still exploring 🙂 . . . ”  Markus, Dortmund, Germany
5 stars.  Great stuff!  [Tower Marquee] album filled with varied styles and vibe. Something for everyone. Some laid back, others in-your-face. A buddy of mine who is a Mike Doughton fan has all his albums and said that there are gems in every one. Perhaps it’s time for THE BEST OF MIKE DOUGHTON compilation.”  Kent, Los Angeles
4 stars.  Infinity Dream has a strong guitar line thats reminiscence of Pink Floyd the Wall.  Very eclectic blend of strong melodies and well crafted guitar work.”  Mystic Fog Garden
I am really enjoying . . .  Translingo . . . and the sense that you can make anything sing.  Really am getting to know it as I listen more, and finding it has depth that keeps my interest. . . . [A]nd I have to say, I think you’re a really talented lyricist.  As a poet, I can speak with authority . . . and Wolf Style is just a wonderful song.  They’re all great.” L. Halper
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